Low-cost translation

Are you looking for a low-cost translation, so that it doesn’t cost you too much, but still of high-quality?
Do you want to see your book translated into Italian without spending a fortune?
Then that’s the offer you were looking for.

I’ll translate your book for 1.5 euros per each page a5, trying to optimize time and keeping contact with you for a perfect end result.
Once the translation’s finished, FOR FREE, I’ll research a publisher in Italy for your translated book, thus opening up new, unexplored business prospects for you.

I REPEAT: 1,5 euro x page a5 + an Italian publisher research FOR FREE

I’ve been working in the publishing industry for about ten years, with publishers and independent authors; I’ve already published 11 novels on my own. I run Nuove Luci, an editorial series belonging to Amande Edizioni, dealing with editing, promotion and researching authors.
I’ve translated several novels, essays and collections for a variety of publishers and authors. Here’s an approximate list of the books I’ve already translated:

“La storia del male” by Mario Serroni, self-publishing, novel                                                 “Il Fiorino Nero” by Marco Del Pasqua, self-publishing, novel
“NeXt, una nuova economia è possibile” by Leonardo Becchetti,
Albeggi, essay
“Il killer delle fiabe” by Roberto Re,
GDS, novel
“Quel nome era Evoc” by Lorenzo Crescentini,
self-publishing, short story
“Un viaggio di nozze da amare e da odiare” by Mery Lambert,
self-publishing, short story
“Marsiglia-Algeri, viaggio al chiaro di luna” by Ilaria Guidantoni,
Albeggi, essay
“Dal Fachiro al 730” by Elena Manzoni,
self-publishing, novel
“La Bomba Zar” by Andrea Brunetti,
self-publishing, novel
“Io, Fidel” by Noa Bonetti,
Iris4, essay
Commercial excerpts for
“Christmas Wedding” by Anna Giraldo,
self-publishing, short story
“Gabbie” by Enrico Mattioli,
self-publishing, novel
“Il mondo al rallentatore” by Erica Rossi and Stefano De Giorgis,
self-publishing, travel diary
“La Città D’oro” by Andrea Brunetti,
self-publishing, novel
“Octoflexus” by Sandro Di Nardo,
self-publishing, novel
“Petali di Sinapsi” by Roberta DeFassi,
self-publishing, novel
“Virus” by Andrea Brunetti,
self-publishing, novel
“Storie di Qualunquisti Anonimi” by Enrico Mattioli,
self-publishing, novel
“Evadne y el valle de las gorgonas” by Diana Al Azem,
Dunwich Edizioni, novel
“Ibernazione” by Andrea Brunetti,
self-publishing, novel
“L’aliena” by Roberta Mella-Simion,
self-publishing, novel                                                       “Gli spiriti selvaggi” by Andrea De Angelis, self-publishing, novel                                         “In Fondo al Cuore” by Rachel Queen, self-publishing, novel                                          “Punto di non ritorno” by Mario Serroni, self-publishing, novel

For information, details or to request a quote, please contact ivanomingottiautore@libero.it or use the form below: